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We are entrepreneurial business development professionals with a passion for catalyzing the successful technology transfer prospects of all deep tech researchers to achieve their commercialization goals.

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About Us.

We are your technology transfer ambassadors abroad. We actively promote the intellectual assets from our research partners to our strong business development contacts for signing commercialization deals around the globe.

Besides licensing to third parties, we also seek and invest in launching startups around commercially viable patents, and fuel their gowth at the best fitting international market options. Our engagement brings world-class subject matter experts as well as a much wider international scope to your techonology transfer efforts hence many more monetization opportunities.

Our proprietary assessment process and industry agnostic focus lets us creatively surface many new business opportunities, and alternative market verticals beyond what anyone else could have imagined initially. This effective services platform can enable even the smallest patent portfolios pursue the technology transfer opportunities more efficiently by achieving the economies of scale.


Nebi has a deep understanding of the task at hand. His recommendations and results are top-notch. There is no project out there that Nebi could not figure out how to solve. His analytic ability and follow through are superior. He is the exception.

Robert Manse

Cem has a natural talent for analyzing social interactions. He never needs clear instructions to clarify the business problem at hand. He would understand your problem before you can articulate it and start thinking about possible solutions before you finish. He is an excellent consultant. I highly recommend him.

Tansel Kaya

Nebi is a trusted colleague who can be counted upon to deliver a valuable product to his clients. His insight and analysis brings profitablity.

Rafe Lopez

He is a hard worker who will always find a way to solve any problem that presents itself. He has the entrepreneurial spirit with the intellect to back it up.

Todd Somsel


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